29 years ago, on December 21, 1984, my parents left their home in the country in SD and drove to Sioux Falls.  Driving my Grandmothers car, they left her with my Great Aunt (her sister) and Great Grandmother (her mother), picked up my sister and headed north on Interstate 29.  They drove through a blizzard.  The story I’m told is that my mother was in the back seat throwing up while my sister held the door open and watched for the line so my Dad knew he was still on the road.  They had issues with the dimmer switch and the lights went out.  They stopped in Grand Forks and decided to get a hotel room.  They spent the night and got up the next day to drive 50 miles to Newfolden where were were getting married.  The blizzard that night was terrible.  The wind chill was -64 F.  The day of our wedding (December 22, 1984), the wind chill was -32.  It was a cold, sunny day – beautiful in Northern MN with the white fields of snow, crisply shining in the winter sunshine.

Tomorrow and Monday, we will see weather similar to the weather we experienced that day. It is predicted to be -15 to -20 F on Monday with wind chills of -50+.